Watch a Twitch stream to unlock ‘Black Ops 4’ battle royale PC beta


Or you could just wait till the PC open beta kicks off tomorrow, a full day after Xbox One (the PS4 got it even earlier on September 10th). Pre-loads for the beta are currently live and the action comes to an end on September 17th.

Black Ops 4 is being touted as the biggest shake-up to the massively-popular shooter in years, ditching the single-player mode for multi-player mayhem, including that much-discussed Battle Royale mode, tweaks to traditional player-vs-player and three Zombie experiences.

Giving skeptics (like Fortnite and PUBG fans) access to the game early, and for free, may help win them over before Battlefield V tries to do the same in November. Otherwise, Activision could have a massive flop on its hands.

, 2018-09-14 13:58:00

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