UFO Smart Mask – skin care on the go


Face masks are having a bit of a revival period. They’ve really made a comeback as a popular skin care product and have gotten a ton of fun, new products. Still, a face mask is basically always sort of the same. Well, all of them except for the UFO Smart Mask, the face mask of the future.

This isn’t a moist covering that you lay or rub on your face. This is a small device uses light therapy to open up pores and promote skin to absorb the ingredients in the mask itself. Unlike traditional masks, this process only takes 90 seconds.

It’s great for those times when you need to give your skin a quick pick me up and don’t have time to sit around with something on your face. Of course, then you don’t get that relaxing, spa like feeling. Still, if you have a busy life and care about your face, you can get one of these for $279.

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