Top 10 Heart Stealing Characters in Persona 5 [Best List]


Ryuji, or Skull, is the first person our main character makes friends with due to him being a fellow outcast no thanks to Mr. Kamoshida’s negative influence. After getting the track team suspended for a year for standing up to Mr. Kamoshida’s shenanigans, Ryuji does what he can to make things right. When Ren comes into his life, they both discover how they can change his heart by entering his own personal palace in the Metaverse, a way of entering his inner world.

While he can be brash and conclusive, in the end, his heart is in the right place. He was the first to recognize that Ren wasn’t the bad boy that the school and society rumored him to be, and when it comes to fighting for justice, his drive equals that of Ren. Deep down inside, if you want something to have your back thick and thin, Ryuji is someone you can always count. Overall, it’s just that fact that he’s so uncompromisingly caring is what makes him steal your heart.

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