Top 10 Action Anime Openings List [Best Recommendations]​


How one appreciates Guilty Crown’s openings can vary depending on how much emphasis you place on three things: creative editing, the effectiveness of cuts to help inform viewers, and the value of synergizing music with its visuals.

Both openings have their own merits, but for the sake of expressing good editing, I’ve chosen the first. To recognize good editing, one of the major elements is understanding how to cut correctly: cut on action, cut on sound, cutting away, etcetera. The goal is to bring together a video in a way that enhances one’s understanding. Simply put, great cuts make sense.

There is a myriad of examples. The opening sequence draws the viewer in while zooming out from its singer: Inori. To convey connection, we find that the singer of the song is being viewed through a video, her image reflecting in the eyes of the main character, Shuu. The scene zooms further out to multiple televisions displaying her singing, finally going further out to an establishing shot of a city, timed to the lyrics–all of this, with the illusion of “one-take,” as if the entirety of what I mentioned was done without cutting–without a disconnect.

“My Dearest” is playful with how its visuals are timed to its music. When Shuu touches a screen of his classmates, he brushes it down, timed to the introduction of violins. Soon after, the classmates’ faces zoom in, timed to the introduction of a choir, then fades out to white to reveal Inori walking in between the light. Fade once more, and Shuu parallels her journey, running through the data opened up by Inori. His run is desperate as he tries to catch up, the music accelerating alongside him. During this sequence, a foreground wipe is used to hide a cut as we zoom in on his expression, all-the-while being timed to piano’s chords.

There are so many amazing examples of good editing, it’s hard to list them. Drawing viewer attention to a specific spot on the screen to allow for a logical transition of characters, using destruction to unveil the villain through the smoke of war, the playful cuts on music, so much of this opening is enhanced if you can appreciate the design.

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