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NEWS – Who doesn’t like pistachios? Absolutely no one, that’s who. Let’s face it the little green nuts themselves are great, but the shells, not so much. Unless you have the Pistachio Pedestal.

The Pistachio Pedestal is a two-tiered solid wood pistachio server designed to offer a solution for storing discarded shells.

Aside from being very handy, the Pistachio Pedestal is quite elegant. It’s routed from solid North American Maple and then hand sanded. And it’s smooth food-safe finish comes from teak oil.

The top tier holds up to 8 oz of whole nuts and even features a pistachio-green colored rim. While the lower, broader level is where you stash the shells. No more fumbling for a makeshift discard dish for leftover debris.

The two tiers also come apart, making it easy to dispose of the discarded shells.

The Pistachio Pedestal sells for $48 and is available on uncommongoods.

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Michael Strange , 2018-10-13 14:00:31

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