The Night’s Cast Episode 3: Night gathers, and now our rewatch begins! | Watchers on the Wall


Emilia Clarke waaaay back in the premiere episode of Season 1, which we cover in this week’s season recap.

Third time’s a charm — The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, releases Episode 3 today!

Join Samantha, Bex, JoeMagician and Petra as we talk about recent news, review the latest Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang, Mother of Dragons (spoiler: it’s delicious), and start our season recaps with the one that started it all: Season 1. There’s lots of laughter going on, and you may or may not hear the phrase “bougie asshole” used. Clearly, we enjoy ourselves when we record this podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening.

The Night’s Cast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and you can follow us on Twitter as well. Happy listening!

Samantha , 2018-10-14 01:09:33

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