The first Made-for-Google lightbulbs don’t require a hub


You can still use Assistant on your phone, of course, and existing C by GE owners don’t have to replace their illumination. Every bulb should have support by October 22nd. This is more about providing value to newcomers to smart lights who don’t want the expense or complexity of a hub.

You’ll see that reflected in the pricing. While you can buy ordinary C-Life (everyday use) and C-Sleep (night-oriented) two-packs for $25 and $35, respectively, the real allure is a new Smart Light Starter Kit that will include both a Google Home Mini and a single, pre-paired C-Life bulb for $55 when it launches on October 22nd. The $10 discount over a separate purchase isn’t that steep, but you’re also getting a kit where voice control is enabled out of the box.

As for other Made-for-Google bulbs? Those haven’t been mentioned as of this writing, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see more. Google Assistant doesn’t have the strongest smart home support in the market (roughly 10,000 devices versus 20,000 for Alexa), and the official badging could both provide a degree of certainty and remind shoppers that its compatibility is expanding at a rapid pace.

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, 2018-10-09 16:00:00

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