The 20$ Security Camera! | The Red Ferret Journal


If you ever used a security camera, you probably know it can be a big hassle to get it up and running. Not to mention the cost. What if I said you could get a decent 20$-security camera?




  • Very easy to install and to use
  • Picks up sound
  • You can talk from your phone to the camera
  • Lightweight
  • Films in HD
  • Not a lot of latency


  • You’ll need good Wi-Fi
  • Quality is not amazing
  • Needs to be plugged in


The Digoo DG-M1Q sounds a bit dumb, but it’s pretty cool for the price. This IP security camera is very lightweight (due to the full plastic built and cheap materials) but does the job. It’s easy to install with the app and provides live video feed in SD or HD quality. You can even talk to the camera from a distance with your phone. The quality is not really comparable to a Nest cam, but for around 20$ you’re still getting a more than decent security camera! You can find the Digoo cam here.

Simon Bossuyt , 2018-09-11 17:04:08

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