Telltale Games Has Laid Off its Skeleton Crew After Majority Closure


A few weeks ago, the gaming world was shocked to find out that the majority of Telltale Games’ crew had been laid off and that only a skeleton crew of around 25 people would be staying to fulfill obligations to the company’s board. That hasn’t lasted long, however, as it seems like Telltale has completely laid off all of it’s remaining crew members.

Speaking on Twitter, Rachel Noel, the Narrative Designer at the studio, revealed that despite the news that she and others would be staying, they just found out that they had all been fired. While many people didn’t expect the skeletal crew to stay on forever, it’s still heartbreaking to see that their job only lasted around 13 days. You can check out the original tweet at the end of the article.

After the studio’s layoff’s on September 21, 2018, members of the game’s industry came out in droves to support those affected, with other studios even coming together to organize a job fair. Our thoughts are with those affected and we hope that everyone affected can land back on their feet quickly.

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