Team USA and Team Canada Heading to Overwatch World Cup Finals


Today, Team USA and Team Canada advanced to the Overwatch World Cup Finals which will take place at BlizzCon later this year.

Both Team USA and Team Canada have been dominating US grouping winning every match until they faced each other in the last match of today’s action. After finishing their four games (like every match in the Overwatch World Cup), Team USA was victorious against Team Canada 1-3 claiming the number one spot in the group.

Although they lost their last match, Team Canada will still head to the Overwatch World Cup Finals as they were the second place team in the group. Going into their match against Team USA, they were undefeated in both matches and games. On the other side, Team USA had lost one game against Team Brazil in Day 2 of the US group stage.

Both North American teams will be joining South Korea and Finland at the Finals being held during BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center. The Top 8 will face off starting on November 2 and will conclude the next day.

There are still four more teams that need to advance before those Finals begin. The next group stage will be in Bangkok, Thailand and begin on September 13 with Teams from China, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Spain, and Denmark face off for a Top 8 spot. The last group will be in Paris, France and begin on September 21 where Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and France will compete.

In other competitive Overwatch news, the 2019 season of Overwatch League will increase its roster of teams from 12 teams to 20 teams. Actual names for these teams have yet to be determined.

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