Take the Black Live—Jaime Lannister and golden Emmys


Hello, hello, everyone! Even though Dan Selcke is on vacation, Take the Black Live lives on with myself (Cheryl Wassenaar, of Culturess) and Josh Hill of FanSided talking all things Game of Thrones, genre fiction, and A Song of Ice and Fire.

As you might be accustomed to seeing, our live show is indeed also available in podcast form on iTunes, Google Play, and Spreaker. Yes, I’m going to humbly request that you subscribe to us, give a five-star rating, and maybe even leave a full review if you’re feeling charitable. We really do appreciate it!

With the Emmys now looming over us, Josh and I decided to talk about what Game of Thrones has already won this year — spoilers, it’s a bevy of Creative Arts awards, including another big costuming win — and what it could still win when the Primetime Emmys air this Monday, Sept. 17. Who could win? Who should win? Did Game of Thrones deserve what it already has for the specific episodes?

But of course, we also included a tiny recap of the ongoing story of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and whether or not his legal troubles may have actually spoiled season 8. Naturally, we speculated a lot on how things could play out for one Jaime Lannister:

Don’t worry, everyone: Dan will be back next week, sitting in his rightful place (and probably with the Targaryen banner again), and I and Josh will also be back at 4:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday, September 19, sharing the other chair again as we go on Facebook Live to bring you even more news, discussion, and probably laughs. We do tend to laugh a lot on the show.

Next: Will season 8 top the Battle of the Bastards?

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