hey folks look at this pic

coat of arms of king henry vii

this is the coat of arms of king henry the seventh, who ruled over england after the end of the war of the roses.

as you know, game of thrones has many parallels with british isles and war of the roses.

for example, westeros looks like british isles, war of the 5 kings resembles war of the roses.

now who was this henry?? henry descended matrilinealy to house lancaster and he was a tudor.

at that time, lancasters and yorks were in deep fued and enemity. so henry married elizabeth of york and then established a new house named tudor, thus establishing peace over weseteros.. er .. british isles.

now look at his coat of arms,theres a dragon to the left, a dog/stag to the right and lion above the crown.

now we all know the symbols of corresponding houses in game of thrones.

dog/stag is baratheon, dragon is targ, lion is lannister.

while i am not saying that ending of game of thrones would be definitely by uniting the fueding houses as in war of the roses, i see a striking parallel to king henry vii in game of thrones. and even the name rhymes.

as many of you have already guessed, its gendry.

we all know gendry is a baratheon.

baratheons are targaryens as well. house baratheon founder orys was a valyrian and a rumoured targ bastard like the blackfyres. also, over the centuries 2 targ princesses had wedded into house baratheon, the last one being rhealle targaryen, the grandmother of robert baratheon. so gendry has a lot of targ blood.

also, now more and more youtubers and other game of thrones theorists and plot leak fictions are coming out and saying that gendry is the son of cersei and that, he is the trueborn son of robert and cersei and the true heir to the iron throne.

also, we all know about gendry’s friendly relationship with arya.

so what if gendry actually marries a stark like arya/sansa?

then he has eventually united the 4 major houses in game of thrones logo.

and probably he can then start a new dynasty as well.

so gendry and sansa ruling together would end the family fued that plagued westeros for years and establish peace and stability to it.

also, what if gendry is actually the prince that was promised?

i guess someof you have seen the movie arthur:legend of the sword. the movie was crap, but the scene in which arthur lifted the sword from the rock and unleashed its magical powers was pretty wonderful.

i mean, are the showrunners planning to make a totally unexpected guy like gendry to touch the lightbringer sword in a desperate time and all of a sudden the sword glows red?? similar to the arthur scene??

time can tell.

also, it is also possible that gendry might adopt the child of jon and dany. ( i dont think jon and dany would survive the series)

all in all, i think such an ending would satisfy most of the supporters of various houses.

lannister supporters would be satisfied, targ and stark supporters would be satisfied and baratheon supporters would be satisified.

so guys, what do you think?? let me know in the comments section


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