[Spoilers] The twist : gameofthrones


I seriously think Tyrion will betray Jon and Danny next season.

My main reason for thinking this that nobody else seemed to catch is in the original outline. There was supposed to be a love triangle between Jon Arya and Tyrion. Jon and Tyrion fight to the death. Well I think that is still GRRMS plan he just twitched Arya with Danny. He had to have because everything else about that live triangle seems to be playing out. The clues are in that outline ya”ll and I’ll yell it to the roof tops!

The outline, the fact that Tyrion was more sinister in the books, all of the trials he’s gotten out of, and the fact he loves his family are key. I also think he is the one who who hired the catspaw and that will also come out through bran when he on stands trial for the Betrayal. He knew about Jamie and Cersie the whole time and was trying to protect them. By trying to kill bran. rewatch with this perspective everything makes sense. Tyrions character arch was a villian this whole time. He and Jamie switched places. It would be the final twist to the series and would make for a bittersweet ending with his death. I could go on and on about the evidence but I’m trying to make this short and sweet. What do you guys think?

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