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Alright, so first things first, the intense politicking of this show is obviously universally loved. And rightly so. I love it to; seeing different characters work the shadows or work their way up in shady circumstances causes outrage, respect, and a WHOLE lot of dedicated followers of the show. It’s one of the things that got me into the show, no doubt, but it was NEVER the point…

In the game of thrones, you win or you die, right? Well that’s great and all, but i still laugh when I see people complaining about this show taking a fantasy spin on it (i.e. dragons, the AOTD, magic) and moving away from the politics and power grabs and what not. The very first scene of this show was about the return of the white walkers…why the hell else would it start as such? To prove that the game of thrones between men and women is completely irrelevant compared to what is coming.

Again, i get that people loved the politics and schemes and shit. But that was to always play second fiddle to the first dragons in centuries, the incoming horde hellbent on wrecking all of humanity and prophecies of princes. It just was. Was Season 7, the one with the least amount of scheming, the best of the seasons? By just storyline, no, it wasn’t, but i loved the theatrical portion of it. The visuals were breathtaking. This entire argument about fantasy vs politics (which, by the way, can go together…) all comes to head about Littlefinger. How he was consistently beating people at the GOT and then lost to Sansa and was killed because there’s no more use for him. Yeah, that’s the point. That the Iron Throne is no longer important. The only person who doesn’t see that is Cersei, and she’s batshit crazy anyway. Plus, she’s already killed half of Westeros, so again, the throne is irrelevant.

TL;DR That’s a semi-rant, but my point being this was always a fantasy show that was dominated by politics to move pieces into play. But, it was always about the war between the living and the dead, and everything else was foreplay.

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