[SPOILERS] Started watching GoT again, currently S5. A lot of questions!


EDIT: thanks for the answers!! it all makes sense now

Hi all.

I watched s1-s4 of game of thrones last year. Watched s5 to episode 3 this week. I watched s1-s4 recap videos on Youtube but I don't really understand what's going on. I have a couple questions to ask, so that they say the Bolton rules the north. Who exactly rules the North? What is Stannis Baratheon doing with the night's watch? Back to King's Landing, there is a group who serves the High Septon, and those people go around killing people and especially littlefinger's brothel establishment. What is exactly going on here? When Sansa stark and littlefinger arrive to the boltons, why do the boltons want a stark to marry badly? On to Daenaery's story, who are the people with a mask going around killing people and what is their purpose?

Sorry for the questions, just trying to make myself understand the story clearly since I have not watched the show in a year and lost track.

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