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Recently i was talking to a friend how claimed that he knew straight away it was olenna but i never figured out joffories murderer till she revealed her self which was a nice suprise for. Am i the only one who didnt realize it straight away.

Everytime i tried to think about who did it id always come up with tywin ir varys

My reason for suspecting both tywin amd varys was that joffory was getting further out of control both would have rather had the docile tommen on the throne

But later on after i a while i figured that varys couldnt have done it cause he need the realm to be in chaos and then danny would have swooped in like a white knight on a dragon to save the kingdom.

So it never occured it was olenna but now that i think it. The evidence was there it was incriminating but it was still there. The scene where olenna and margery ask Sansa about joffory was prove enough no grandmother would want her grandaughter married to that monster but why didmt she ask the servants or ask the spies because the tyrells obvs had to have spies each house needs them in court to survive

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