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Correct me if I’m wrong on this one too but I had a thought. What if the first long night never happened? What if there was no last hero, Nissa Nissa, and a lot of the history is wrong? GRRM alludes to this, and it’s alluded in the series. I mean everything is wishy-washy and it’s hard to make an accurate theory because of it.

Bare with me now. The type of time travel bran does would work with this. What is Bran off screen has been going back in time and making sure these stories of the last long night were written just so they know how to defete them in today’s time? Just like people think he whispered in the Mad kings ear burn them all, just so the wild fire can he stashed. Most of the stories ended up getting mixed up.

He could have made sure the dragon glass was at dragonstone. How else would the Targaryan’s know to so that. The long Night was way before them supposedly.

It just doesn’t make much sense that they weren’ taken care of correctly the last long night. So this to me would actually be a nice suprise. So in reality nothing has happend yet and Jon and Danny have the roles as the Prince who was promised and Nissa Nissa. Could be why Bran acts so strange because he knows what needs to happen already. The timelines being strange, the old stories being mixed, and all of the God’s plans could’ve just been a clever way GRRM is planning to throw us off with what this story is really about.

Help me with with this. I’m sure there are other points I can include but I’m in a hurry.

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