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For a bit of context, I haven’t read the GOT books but I’ve watched all of the show so far.

During the famous ‘Hold the Door’ sequence, I was left with a few questions that left me a bit confused and I’m hoping this sub can give me a bit of clarification.

First, How couldn’t Hodor help Meera when they were being overrun? Meera was talking to him just before she checked outside and found out they were surrounded. When she went back into the cave to help, she asked for his help but he seemed unresponsive and wouldn’t act unless Bran warged into him.

Also, couldn’t the Three Eyed Raven have woken Bran up? He’d shown in the past that he can pull Bran out of a vision if he’s going too deep or about to learn something he’s not ready to learn. Yet, when they’re being overrun by an Army of the Dead, he’s being cryptic and doesn’t seem to help them that much. If that isn’t a situation that demands a bit of urgency, I don’t know what is.

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