[SPOILERS] My predictions for who will die/live and their fates, and would love other people’s opinions too! : gameofthrones


Daenerys- dies

Jon/Aegon- lives and will end up on the iron throne

Bran- lives and he will be something like an advisor to Jon

Sansa- dies

Arya- actually not sure. If she lives, she will be a kinsguard/assassin. If she dies, it will have been as a result of her thinking emotionally rather than logically while trying to get revenge on people

Theon- dies, as a hero. His sister lives

Euron- dies

Cersei- dies. Along with her unborn baby

Jaime- dies

Tyrion- lives

Varys- dies

Jorah- dies while avenging Daenerys’s death

Missandei- dies

Grey worm- lives

Ed- dies

Lord Beric- dies after he fulfills his purpose

Hound- lives. Or dies after he kills his brother the mountain but has major wounds as a result. And no regrets for him

Brienne- dies. And she dies thinking she’s a failure because sansa died

Tormund- lives

Sam- lives

Gilly- dies. Sam takes care of her baby

Bronn- dies.

Ser Davos- lives

Melisandre- dies

Gendry- lives

Members of the iron bank – all die

I know this a reach/detailed but I wanted to list out my predictions somewhere, and decided it might as well be here. For the ones I’m unsure of I’ll make up my mind about them before the season starts. And then I’ll see how accurate I am 😀

I’m also interested in what other people think is going to happen

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