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Okay so these are my predictions for the season 8 of Game of Thrones, The final season. Now before I start a few things, first up I know I may be alittle late since filming has finished but better late then ever right, secondly I will only be bringing up big plot points I think will happen, things we know will most likely happen (such as Jon’s many reunions and Dany being pregnant) will not be mention. Finally I have NOT read any leaks for this season Nor have I looked at any set photos (though I doubt the leaks for this year are real since there are so many) I have only seen a small amount of set photos so I may combined them with my own ideas, I have also only read two leaked details, one I’ll leave out because it may not seem believable (I’m 50/50 on said detail though) the other I will include since it fits with a prediction I have. However other then that I have NOT read any plot leaks nor seen too many set photos so if you have to bring either one up please use spoiler tags. Also I have made a few attempts at this but I promise this is my FINAL attempt and then I’ll stop I promise.

  • Edd and the remaining NW die as Beric and Tormund escape (either in battle with AOTD or NK bringing down the rest of the wall)

  • NK attacks Last Hearth, Karhold, and Bear Island (via Undead Viserion), as J&D arrive to WF.

  • The Northerners give Jon smack for bending the knee, with Sansa and even Arya not being happy with Jon.

  • Cersei has a miscarriage and grows more mad and Paranoid, Euron arrives with the GC (and maybe Daario and the Second Sons though I sadly doubt that will happen at this point) and Cersei sends them on one last task before Euron can marry him.

  • Euron (on his way North) gets attacked by Theon and his ships, Theon saves Yara and heads North being led to believe Euron is dead.

  • Jon learns the truth via Bran, Sam, and Howland Reed (if Howland even shows up which idk if it’ll happen at this point either) and Jon reveals it to Stark sisters and Dany, Right before Dany can tell him some news the horn goes off.

  • Oh forgot to mention Arya and Gendry reunite and have some bonding scenes.

  • First battle against AOTD is North, Euron (who’s revealed to have survived), Harry, and the GC surprise attack WF setting it aflame, Theon sacrifices himself killing Euron to defend Sansa.

  • Mel does something epic to help defend off the NK before dying at the NK’s hands, Gendry dies but Beric gives him the kiss of Life, Tormund, Yohn Royce, Ghost, and most of the Northern lords also die in the first battle.

  • To end the bloodshed either Jon and/or Sansa are taken hostage by the GC (Varys accompanies the GC), Everyone falls back as the AOTD reaches WF. Jaime, Bronn, and Edmure arrive with an army made up of 300 Sellswords and Frey/Tully Bannermen to help hold off the AOTD long enough for everyone to escape, Jaime sacrifices himself saving Bran AND Arya and dies in Brienne’s arms up North.

  • Jon and/or Sansa convince Harry Strickland and the GC to change sides with Varys help and they send a Raven to everybody now at Riverrun.

  • Tyrion organizes a rescue mission consisting of Arya, Sandor, Pod, and Brienne to save Jon and/or Sansa and kill Cersei.

  • Varys and Harry free Jon and/or Sansa, and Arya kills Cersei by forcing the strangler down her pale white throat, Qyburn to save his own skin pretends to also change sides.

  • Everyone meets in the Dragonspit where Bran reveals the NK’s backstory and identity and the WW’s backstory and that they are not just monsters and there is a reason for what they are doing (which could tie in to the symbols they make in earlier seasons).

  • He also reveals Rhaegar is Azor Ahai Reborn and Jon is the embodiment of Lightbringer, before the battle though Dany goes into labour and survives childbirth to twins.

  • NK on Viserion fights off against Dany on Drogon and Jon on Rhaegal.

  • It’s revealed not only is there wildfire under red keep which if set off will cause a chain reaction and blow up areas of the city but also Varys betrayed J&D and co. deciding is not a good fit for queen after field of fire and Qyburn is working with Varys.

  • CLEGANEBOWL, Sandor wins but dies not long after too blood lose.

  • Arya and Gendry will evacuate as many citizens as they can through the sewers of KL, also at some point is almost killed by a white walker but Sansa sacrifices herself saving Arya (paralleling Lady and Nymeria).

  • Varys sets off wildfire under certain areas of KL killing a good amount of Wights and citizens but also Yara, Grey Worm, Jorah, Harry Strickland, Bronn, and Edmure.

  • NK and Viserion kill Dany and Drogon in combat, Rhaegal dies killing Viserion and Jon and NK land in either Dragonspit or the God’s eye. Jon and NK will 1v1 but Bran will have a battle of the minds with him weakening the NK, Jon with help from Sam removes the Dragonglass from his chest making the NK die a mortal man, all the wights collapse and WW’s turn back to human.

  • Varys is put on trial for his crimes and his sentence is carried out be either Jon or Arya.

  • The Throne is melted down and each of the Seven Kingdoms are made independent kingdoms. Tyrion rules the Westerlands, Roslin rules the Riverlands until her son with Edmure comes of age, Robin rules the Vale, Sam and Gilly rule the Reach, new houses rule Stormlands and Iron islands, A more likeable Sand Snake is given Dorne, Bran leaves with the now turned human WW’s beyond the former wall, and Jon is offered KL but declines it and goes home to rule the North, either Arya and Gendry are given KL or they sail West of Westeros and KL is given to a new character introduced in S8 who proves him or herself to be a man or woman of the people.

  • Jon raises his twin children as Ned did for him on his own and Sam writes the song of Ice and fire. Bittersweet ending is Westeros is saved but at what cost as Westeros is left in ruin and Jon’s lost yet another lover.

  • Qyburn has fled Westeros and is never heard from again, He is presumed dead.

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