[SPOILERS] I’ve never watched the Game of thrones tv-show, and as the last season is coming up, should i start catching? (book fan asking) : gameofthrones



as the text post says , i’ve managed to not see more than maybe, a couple of minutes here and there. i think i saw the first 20 minutes of the first EP when it started? Since then i’ve been sent scnes here and there by friends to be shown the differences between book and series (red wedding/purple wedding/the magical journeys of the hound and arya) I was swept up in Madmen and Parcs&recs while also balancing my “game of life” so i never got into it.This wasn’t a conscious choice in the sense that i disliked it, i always figured i would get into it, but then the seasons passed, i had a kid, moved, new job, et-al.

I got the first book about four monthd ago as a birthday gift from my friend who had one of the first editions. So i plowed through it, really liked. Got the second one, and am now plowing the last one with about fifteen pages to spare.

Now, to my question, i really like the books, and i am a big fan of Peter dinklage. And what I’ve been shown of the show seems really well acted and directed. So i was just wondering, should i dive into it headfirst? or will the divergences from the book throw me?

I am asking because i discussed this with a co.worker on a business trip this week, and she showed me the red wedding on her laptop. And i kept going “who’s that” and “where is this person”?

As for me, I am a huge tolkien fan, and it took me some time to reconciliate with the fact that the books and films have different merit and are good in different ways, so this is why i turn my question to the experts of this community.

thanks for reading.

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