Showdown Teases Its Second Map, the Lawson Delta, in New Trailer


A teaser trailer for the Lawson Delta shows off the second map for Crytek’s unique game Hunt: Showdown.

Displayed as a haunting slideshow of images, the trailer depicts the town becoming an undead-infested location somewhere in the American South.

The Lawson Delta map will be set in Louisiana after the Civil War, and more details will be following at TwitchCon which runs from October 26-28 in San Jose, California.

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer game that combines PvE and PvP as you fight alongside a buddy and against other players to win a bounty. The game released on Steam Early Access earlier this year in February. Microsoft announced at Gamescom this year that Hunt: Showdown would be making its way to Xbox One Game Preview but gave no date and it still has not been determined. A limited time event at the end of August allowed players to duke it out by themselves in a battle royale mode.

The teaser for the Lawson Delta map can be viewed below.

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