PS4 Exclusive Project Judge Shows the Ultimate Detective Life in New Commercials


Sega keeps its promotion rolling for Project Judge, with two new commercials showing how cool and awesome the game is.

As a reminder, Project Judge is the next game by Yakuza Studio and is pretty much a Yakuza game, except we play as a hard-boiled detective. To solve cases, you can tail people, disguise yourself, use drones or simply go the old-fashioned way and beat up people.

You can watch the two commercials below.

To get a better idea of the game, you can check out the extended trailers focusing on story and gameplay. Project Judge has a demo available on the Japanese PlayStation Store, you can check out our playthrough of it, recorded on PS4 Pro. You can also take a look at some of the minigames. Last but not least, you can read about the game’s development, casting, and story details. 

Project Judge releases for PS4 on December 13th in Japan. The game will launch in the rest of the world in 2019, with no precise date revealed yet.

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