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Outriders Devastator Bleed/Burn Endgame Guide


CT15 Solo and Group play

Get the maximum amount Anomaly Power / Cooldown Reduction / Status Power gear as you’ll combined with the Seismic Commander Set. Best in slot set pieces are Helmet, Chest and Pants. Purple Gloves / Boots.

Use any legendary automatic/burst weapons that have damage mods with 3-4 seconds cooldown like T3 Shadow Comet or T3 Wrath of Moloch on both weapons and swap between them to trigger the mods on cooldown. you’ll use tons of mods for this so it’s up to your preference. Pistol with vulnerability for the additional tanky targets. you will have tons of Status Power therefore the duration are going to be decent.

If you propose to use the T3 Fortress weapon mod I’d still recommend weapon swapping between the damage mods.

Stacking mods like like T3 Tainted Blood ( Increase the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with bleed by 25% ) will boost your damage from all sources including the large nukes from the weapon mods and your Earthquakes. Other examples would be Bullet Kindling, Captain Hunter and therefore the Seismic Commander set bonus.

Stats in Outriders Devastator

Anomaly Power increases the damage of your Earthquakes and causes you to really tanky with the “Protected by the Anomaly” class node. It claims to also boost Status Effects but i have never noticed a difference
Cooldown Reduction reduces the time it takes for your skills to be ready again. you will be getting 30% from your tree for seismic and global cooldown reduction from your gear. 30% from the tree + 30% global will put your Earthquake right down to 6,7 seconds.
Status Power will boost the damage of your damage over time debuffs (Bleed, Burn, Toxic) and increase the duration of Vulnerability and Weakness. Having tons pushes bleed and burn to very competetive damage numbers.

Skills for Outriders Devastator

Earthquake are going to be (should be) your favorite damage dealer in most missions. With the right mod setup it’s incredible aoe and burst potential mowing down big stacked up groups of enemies with ease. Always attempt to maximize the quantity of enemies you’ll hit with it.
Golem is especially there to urge some occasional damage boost for your Earthquakes because of the Paladin class tree node. It’ll also save your life in bad situations. Having no duration mod for Golem means it’s cooldown will start sooner leading to more Paladin uptime.
Gravity Leap is perhaps the foremost versatile skill devastator has. you’ll use it for a few quick damage, get out of sticky situations and also helps with going to those pesky sniper nests. for a few reason it is also ready to stagger enemies who are resistant to stagger.

Your biggest strength is AoE. you will be swapping between your two primary weapons to activate their damage mods all the time while applying bleed/burn to everything making enemies take a really great deal of additional damage. counting on the mods you employ you will have to urge a sense for the mod cooldown. I’m using 3 second cooldown mods immediately so they’re very easy to time and do not desire a hassle in the least .

How to play:

Make sure to use bleed before dumping your weapon mods if possible to not miss out on the large multipliers. (Easier to try to to if you employ T3 Ultimate Bone Shrapnel) If you employ Inferno Seed with T2 Bullet Kindling confirm to Earthquake – trigger T3 Wrath of Moloch – Earthquake x2

Always attempt to hit as many enemies as possible together with your Earthquakes. Don’t use Gravity Leap defensively only – use it to urge into better Earthquake positions

Once you’ve got most of the core gear/mods CT15 are going to be very comfortable to play in both Solo and Party. Party play allows your bleed and burn to actually shine.

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