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Hello, /u/shaysob! Thanks for contributing. However, your submission has been removed since the website you submitted is not on our white-listed domains list and therefore held for review.

How do I get my submissions approved?

To get your submission approved simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your submission follows the rules as found in the sidebar.

  2. After making sure it follows the rules, [message the moderators.]( to review this submission by /u/shaysob&message=I would like to have my submission reviewed: Omg! This has to be the best tech blog! NOT MY BLOG

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I’m submitting my own site/content. How do I get it on /r/gadgets?

Self-promotion is not allowed in /r/gadgets. All content submitted here should be organically found. If you wish to promote your own website or content, don’t submit it here. Instead, buy self-serve advertising at

I don’t understand, why are you doing this?

Before we worked with a white list we got a lot of spam on this subreddit, together with vote manipulation this caused the quality of the subreddit to go down.

How do I get this domain white-listed?

We will always keep an eye on what domains get submitted, if a certain domain gets approved consistently we will add it to the white list. We also frequently ask the community to give feedback on the list, we do this through a monthly feedback thread.

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