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Everybody is disappointed that GRRM has taken so long to put the next book out, and he insists that it’s because he a slow writer. I was wondering the other say about another possibility: HBO and the show runners may be pressing him not to release the books until after the TV show wraps.

GOT may be the most popular show of all time, and I wouldn’t put it past any half assed blogger, reporter, or straight up troll to ruin it for everybody who hasn’t read the series.

By delaying the book publishing, HBO is ensuring that they’ll keep everybody subscribed and watching every week. If people knew the gist of the ending, some would decide to binge later after all the episodes aired. Also, we know the ending will be bittersweet and divide viewers, especially the average viewer who (still somehow) expects a happy epilogue. If these fans hear the synopsis of the ending (which most people obviously would) and don’t personally like who dies/wins, they may decide not to watch the final season and deactivate HBO altogether. I could be wrong, but this seems more obvious to me the more I think about it. It’s just money.

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