Nintendo is Planning to Release a New Version of Switch Next Year


Today, Wall Street Journal Japan reported that Nintendo is planning to release a new version of its Switch console in the second half of 2019.

Wall Street Journal claims they obtained this information from hardware suppliers and sources directly connected to this new Switch project. According to these sources, this new Switch version would be part of Nintendo’s plan to keep the console’s sales high and prevent it from losing momentum. The new version would use a higher-quality screen and new hardware functionalities, but further details are unknown. The journal also reports this new Switch probably won’t use OLED panels like the ones used in Apple’s iPhone X series.

The Nintendo Switch released worldwide on March 2017 and has topped hardware chart sales around the globe multiple times since then, so it’s understandable Nintendo wants to keep the console’s momentum going. Nintendo is quite used to releasing updated hardware as well, so this news shouldn’t come off as much of a surprise.


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