NHL 19 Patch 1.20 Available Now – Patch Notes Here


NHL 19 patch 1.20 is available now, check out the patch notes below and let us know what you’re seeing.

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Added a new Autofill mechanic to Sets to improve the Set redemption flow
    • You can now Autofill your sets with one of two options:
      • Autofill
      • Autofill Duplicates only
    • You will be able to confirm the completion, should you want to swap any items out.
  • Added Quick Apply options for Contract and Healing items
    • You will now be able to quickly apply contracts and healing items to your players through the “Apply Consumables” option in the Edit Lineup flow.
  • Added OT lines as editable lines
  • Updated Auction House and Collection Search Flow
    • You will now be able to set and change your search filters in the same screen that you view the items in the Auction House or Collection Search
  • Added Position labels to edit lines to indicate what position a card is playing in.

World of CHEL

  • Added Private Matchmaking PIN to Drop-in and Club Dressing Rooms (feature to replace old Club Challenge system) MORE INFO
  • Online Player Indicators setting will now showing 6 unique colors for the opposing team rather than showing the same colors as your own team to prevent confusion
  • Fixed an issue in Drop-in where when a user sometimes joined an existing session from matchmaking it would prevent all users from entering gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the game can crash for some users who remain in a 6v6 Clubs game once the game has fallen below the minimum number of users
  • Fixed an intro cut scene issue in Pro-Am where the crowd would pop into the scene
  • Fixed an issue where unlockable preset goal horns weren’t triggering in Pro-Am games
  • Fixed an issue where unlockable goal horns do not play when scoring as the away team in 3v3 Drop-in
  • Fixed an issue where backing out of the matchup screen to the Dressing Room and then opening the matchmaking settings screen would cause a UI lockup
  • Fixed an issue where the goal songs weren’t being randomized in Drop-in 6v6 or 3v3
  • Fixed an issue where the user may hang after playing a Drop-in 3v3 game and return to the Dressing Room
  • Fixed an issue where the EASHL logo would remain on screen during the intro NIS if multiple consoles selected to skip the intro cut scene
  • Fixed the issues that caused controls and visual settings to be reset after playing Pro-Am games
  • Fixed an issue where users who are invited to play in a club game will wear that club’s uniform in the Dressing Room screens
  • Fixed an issue where all traits are listed under Offense when first entering the Edit Loadout screen from the Dressing Room
  • Fixed an issue where traits filters stop working after the user quickly switches between tabs
  • Fixed an issue where hair colors were not updating correctly on the 3D character in Edit/Customize Pro
  • Fixed an issue where Clubs goalie equipment/appearance does not carry into gameplay for CPU goalies
  • Fixed an issue where the Points stat category wasn’t tracking correctly in the Drop-in HUB
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a row of stadium chairs is present in Dressing Room when backing out of Customize Club
  • Fixed an issue where the Ones rewards bags were showing the same bag art even though they were different in content
  • Fixed an issue where certain cameras had clipping issues in Junior Stadium 1
  • Changed some of the goalie pom-pom toque patterns to resolve a few seam issues
  • Fixed an issue where the roll over timer was still active in the Pro-Am post game flow
  • Fixed an issue where too many slots where being shown in the dressing room once everyone was Ready
  • Added a trophy win cut-scene for completing Pro-Am tournaments
  • Added the Action Tracker and Box score to the Pause Menus within World of CHEL
  • Polished up animations in the Player/Club progression in the post-game flow
  • Added additional Casual Jerseys to earn through hockey bags:
    • Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jersey
    • Arizona Coyotes Alternate Jersey
    • Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey
    • Carolina Hurricanes Alternate Jersey
    • Montreal Canadiens Classic Jersey
    • New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey
    • New York Rangers Stadium Jersey
    • Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey
    • Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey
    • St. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey
    • Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey
    • Toronto Maple Leafs Stadium Jersey
    • Washington Capitals Stadium Jersey

Creation Zone

  • Added over 40 Adidas template uniforms



  • Fixed some cases where the AI would not target the puck correctly on poke checks
  • Fixed a case where the AI would get stuck behind the net in Threes
  • Improvements made to the AI to divert them away from the net when picking up the puck around their goaltender
  • Fixed some cases where players would divert away from the boards during some breakouts
  • Improvements made to make the CPU win the faceoff towards a teammate more reliably when there is only one defenseman
  • Improvements to teammate puck support in board play

Defensive Skill Stick / Poke Checking

  • Fixed added to ensure you won’t trip a skater when exiting/blending out of Crouch Block
  • Fixed some cases where players would get called for tripping while a goaltender is carrying the puck
  • Fixed various cases where Defensive Skill Stick was not going to the location where the Right Stick was held before going into Defensive Skill Stick


  • Fixed some cases where passes off backhand would play a forehand animation unexpectedly
  • Fixed a case where a user would rarely lose control of their player off a line change
  • Fixes made to faceoff formations
  • Improvements made to increase the consistency of player switching
  • Fixed cases where goalie interference was being called even after the goalie was able to fully recover
  • Various coach feedback tuning and bug fixes
  • Various desync fixes


  • Fixed a case where a user goalie could get stuck in the paddle down position
  • Fixed a case where a user goalie would temporarily lose the functionality to poke check
  • Reduced the dead zone on the left stick which was causing inconsistent movement on precision pushes
  • Various improvements made to puck cover consistency
  • Various improvements made to tracking possessed pucks on breakaways
  • Various goalie animation fixes


  • Improvements made to prevent skaters from being unable to get up when they are knocked down
  • Fixed a case where a user would rarely lose control of their player when knocked down
  • Improvements made to rebalance ‘get up’ and ‘stumble’ timings after a collision
  • Improvements made to a variety of ‘get up’ animations


  • Various improvements made to pickup animations
  • Improvements made to puck pickup consistency
  • Change to make players a bit more aggressive pivoting to forward to receive passes
  • Applied a change to make players slightly more aggressive when they are pivoting to forward to receive a pass
  • Applied changes to make players not reach as much on loose pucks as they were leaving the player too vulnerable


  • Improvements to shot blending out of dekes to improve consistency
  • Fix for players sometimes turning to shot target before attempting one timer
  • Various shooting animation improvements


  • Removed the ability to backhand toe drag when back skating
  • Improvements to make vision control more consistent
  • Various skater animation fixes
  • Improvements made to skater animations for when a skater is going into an idle animation from a stop
  • Fixed an issue that was causing spin-o-rama to rotate further than intended
  • Changes made to pivot speed to make it more affected by player rating
  • Various skating transition fixes


  • Various specialization bug fixes and tuning


Franchise Mode

  • Improved CPU-team signing logic. Teams will now try to reserve cap space for pending RFAs and UFAs on their roster.
  • Improved salary demands of players to be more in-line with the real world
  • Improved defenseman scoring in Franchise Mode during sims
  • More accurate TOI/G for European prospects
  • Updated Amateur Scouting Strengths and Weakness reports to reduce the amount of Reach weaknesses generated
  • Added a popup at the beginning of the pre-season to remind the user to assign scouts
  • Added a popup at the beginning of the re-sign phase to remind the user to re-sign their Scouts
  • Fixed an issue where the user can hire scouts when they were not allowed to
  • Fixed a crash during Expansion Mode team creation
  • Added player handedness and player type as Player Search filter options
  • Fixed an issue where the Draft Board became unusable after pinning 20-year-old undrafted players who became Free Agents
  • Added a pop-up in the Roster Moves screen that tells the user if a player was claimed off waivers
  • Added Scout Depth Chart to the Hire Scouts screen
  • Added Team Depth Chart to Region Assignment screen
  • Fixed an issue where overall did not show in the Retain Salary screen when Fog of War was off
  • During the pre-season, minimum salary cap rules are no longer enforced
  • Fixed an issue where retired players did not show their last reports on the Retirements screen
  • Fixed an issue where Free Agents that needed an Entry-Level contract did not show under the 2-way filter
  • Player style column added to Free Agents screen
  • Fixed an issue where the user could not use the triggers to swap player cards on the Make Pick screen at the Draft
  • Added a banner on the Amateur player card that shows if that player is being scouted
  • Added functionality to the player card that allows the user to press up/down to navigate pages
  • Added functionality to the Amateur player card that allows the user to open Full Career Stats for Amateur players
  • UX Improvements to the Assign Scout and Select Prospects screen
  • Miscellaneous UI/UX Improvements throughout the mode
  • Improved how the CPU will handout Entry level contracts to lower end drafted players
  • Improved logic in how the CPU will put Goalies on the trade block when having 2 starters on the team
  • Improved junior goalies’ games played stats

Online Versus

  • Disabled Position lock for “competitive” Versus games. Users can still position lock in co-op/casual games

The following jerseys have been added to NHL 19:

  • NHL
    • New Jersey Devils Alternate
    • St. Louis Blues Alternate
  • EBEL
    • HC Orli Znojmo Home and Away

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