Microsoft says it fixed a Windows 10 update bug that deleted folders


It isn’t ready to begin delivering the fixed 1809 update to most users yet (a test version is rolling out to its Slow and Release preview rings first), but a change that’s already noticeable is in its Windows Insider Feedback Hub. While Microsoft maintains that the number of users impacted by the problem was small (“one one-hundredth of one percent”) the severity of the bug meant it deserved attention even if only a few people saw it.

Now users can include a note about impact and severity when they’re reporting something in the feedback hub, so that the test team isn’t just flooded with fan requests for a hotly-discussed feature when a more major issue is going unnoticed. Anyone who is still missing data after installing the original update can contact Microsoft support or go to one of its retail stores where they can attempt to recover lost files.

, 2018-10-09 21:48:00

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