Madden NFL 19 Patch 1.11 Available – Fixes Crashing, Snapping the Ball in Certain Formations & More


EA has released Madden NFL 19 game update 1.11 for the PlayStation 4 with plans to release it on the Xbox One after first party approval. It’s a very small patch, weighing in at just over 100MB. Check out the patch notes below.

UPDATE: The patch is available now for Xbox One.

Community Identified Issues

  • Fixes for increased crash rate experienced by PlayStation users after the last title update earlier in the week
  • Fix for users not being able to consistently snap the ball in some formations, in some cases dealing with pre-snap motions or adjustments

Gameplay update

  • Additional logic added for Pass Blocking to finish off work done in previous update so that pass blockers will be better at targeting Manual QB Spy and Zone defender pass rushers that has been used as an exploit

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