Koba Forma – this lightweight e-reader offers it all


Reading is fundamental and also really fun. One of the best things to happen to book lovers everywhere was the invention of e-books and their readers. Hundreds of books in one slim device and the ability to get more books whenever you want. It’s awesome. The Kobo Forma is the newest Kobo reading device.

The device, in a lot of ways, mimics the Kindle Oasis but different enough that there probably won’t be any sort of lawsuits. This e-reader lets you go either portrait or landscape view and keeps the buttons so that you can easily turn your pages.

Comes with a light built in so you can read night or day, as you wish. Also comes pre-loaded with OverDrive so you can borrow books form your local library. How fun! You can also use the Kobo app on your phone. Check it out if you’re in the market for a new e-reader. Will cost $299 and preorders open October 15.

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Donyae Coles , 2018-10-10 17:28:38

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