Japanese Porn’s Most Infamous Vehicle 


In Japan, there one vehicle that if you see it rocking on the Tokyo streets, you should definitely not going a-knocking.

Run by a Japanese porn company, it’s called Magic Mirror Unit (マジックミラー号 or Majikku Miraa Gou).

Japanese television once explained what it was: a mobile porn studio with a one-way mirror.

People inside the vehicle can see out, but people outside cannot see in.

(I believe current Japanese privacy laws would prevent the faces of any pedestrians from ending up in the movie.)

The infamous vehicle has become part of Japanese urban lore, with people snapping photos when they spot it—or think they have. The Magic Mirror Unit might be stopped for promotional events as well as other reasons.

There is an official Magic Mirror Unit 1/12 scale model.

And the inevitable Woody photo set.

Fans have brought the Magic Mirror to Animal Crossing.

Today, a slew of cosplayers descended on Comic Market, Japan’s biggest self-published manga event. Putting in an appearance was the official Magic Mirror Unit cosplayer.

Wonder what’s happening on the other side of that mirror…

That cosplayer is going to need a bigger outfit because the porn company is working on a magic mirror bus.

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