Epson’s latest LCD projector does 4K for $2,000


The Home Cinema 4010 is HDR10 ready (although, like other projectors it doesn’t support Dolby Vision or HDR10+) and claims a 200,000:1 contrast ratio. If you’re ready to live the projector life of huge screens and a true home theater experience, it can be had online or in-store for just under $2,000.

The HT-2550 is available for $1,500, while Optoma also has a DLP 4K projector that adds Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that costs $1,700. One thing to consider is whether or not you’re sensitive to the “rainbow trail” effect some people notice with DLP projectors, that shouldn’t be an issue here. Of course, if you demand every single pixel of 4K technology, there’s always Sony’s SXRD technology, available in projectors that start at prices as low as $5,000 or so with newer models on the way.

, 2018-09-22 11:32:00

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