Dragon Quest XI Side Quest Guide


Making Things Right – When you get to the Academy you will find a girl by a tree who has this quest. She needs you to make her a +1 Queen’s Whip after she gives you the recipe. It can be better than +1 but it has to be at least +1 and no one can use it. The Green stones can be bought at the store in the Academy and the Mirror stone can be found here on the map.

A Memorable Mystery – Inside of the actual academy, a woman in the Inn has a quest for you. A student left a mysterious message behind in her diary and the quest giver wants you to check it out. You have to find the memory box that the student left behind when it is dusk. When it is dusk go outside to the tree with the swings and the shadow points down to the garden below. There is a gold shiny on the floor, pick it up and return to complete the quest.

The Agony And The Ecstasy – If you head upstairs in the Academy you will find a slug girl who has a quest for you. She wants your help with the school news letter. Before going downstairs, go back towards the stairs and find the creature with the hammer on the second floor. Speak to her and she will tell you the newsletter flew out the window. It is in Eerie Eyrie behind the sign here on the map.

Newsletter Location Dragon Quest XI

Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson – This opens up after you go to the Tree Of Life for the main story. Right near the entrance there is a slug that has this quest. She wants you to become a gentlemen refined enough to walk to halls of the Academy. She wants you to raise your charm to about 350. I had to progress pretty far into the story before I could reach that number. I went with the Sword Of Light(You get it from the story), Platinum Platter, Drasilian Helm, Madri Grab, Bling Bling Belt and a Gold Chain. There is a stat you can get in your skill tree that will add 50 to your charm as well, if you need a boost.

A Delayed Diploma – A woman inside the Academy wants you to drop off a diploma to a girl who left awhile ago. The only clue she has is the postcard that shows Sniflheim. Head to the upstairs of the weapon/armor shop in Sniflheim and talk to the girl up there. Hand the diploma to the girl and she will give you a story and you can complete the quest.

A Fragrant File – The Zombie girl wants some perfume from her home, the Cryptic Crypt in the Hotto Region. When you get in the Crypt, head back past the save point and into where the boss was room. In that room there is a zombie near some lab equipment, speak to it and you will get the perfume.

A Right Riddle – In the library of the Academy there is a slime that has a riddle for you to solve. The first answer is a Steel Broadsword. The second riddle answer is a Fizzle Foil, which can be bought in Gallopolis.

One Last Request – You have to enter the Academy at night time to find this quest. The ghost in the class room wants you to help her with her last wish. You need to go to this area on the Zwaardsrust Map during the day to find the gravestone.

One Last Request Dragon Quest XI

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