Check Out Sega Sammy’s Brand New Headquarters in Tokyo; Photos Inside


Today, Sega Sammy invited journalists for a press conference and a guided tour of its new headquarters, based in Ousaki, Tokyo.

Sega Sammy had announced on March 2017 that it would centralize its various teams scattered in the Tokyo area. The move will be complete by October, and around 6500 employees will work in the new headquarters.

The visit started off with a press conference by the group’s Chief Operating Officer, Haruki Satomi, explaining the reasoning behind the move. Interestingly, he also addressed topics such as safety concerns, in wake of the multiple natural disasters which hit Japan this year:

Following Satomi-san’s speech, the group of journalists was guided through the various facilities in the building. They could immediately notice the naval and ship theme of the headquarters, hence why Sega Sammy branded it the “Grand Harbor“. It is supposed to represent the group’s “endless journey”. The journalists were able to visit many places in the building such as:

  • The main reception desk.
  • Various open-space offices.
  • Conferences rooms for visitors’ use.
  • “The Harbor”, an area reproducing a naval town’s atmosphere, mainly for guests’ use.
  • “Sega History”, a museum-like area for Sega games and hardware.
  • “Sammy World”, same as the above but for Sammy products.
  • The “Lighthouse”, a huge event hall which can accommodate up to 500 people.
  • “Tunnel Tokyo”, a shared work-space with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • “Journey’s Canteen”, a cafeteria where 2000 people could technically eat at the same time. It also serves alcohol after 6pm, and includes a recreation space with video games, a billiard and a library.

Incidentally, Sega just announced their lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2018.

You can visit (virtually) the new headquarters yourself by checking the gallery below.

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