CarPlay and Android Auto now available on older Mazda models


For $199 plus labor costs, Mazda owners can get the dealer-installed upgrade with smartphone integration capabilities, plus hardware tweaks that will add more powerful, faster-charging 2.1-amp USB ports. Some owners are reporting a total cost of around $400, which seems like a lot, especially considering Mazda’s infotainment screens aren’t touchscreens, so functionality will run through knobs, buttons and voice commands.

Nonetheless, the price point isn’t a million miles away from that of other manufacturers’. CarPlay is a $300 option on 2017 BMW models, and that requires the vehicle to already have the $2,000 navigation package in place. Plus, the cheapest aftermarket CarPlay and Android Auto head units retail for around $300, and that’s not including installation costs. And Mazda deserves some credit for making the retrofit an option in the first place — a lot of other automakers would have simply suggested you buy a new model.

, 2018-11-23 06:00:00

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